#7868849, By CaptainKid New PC or keep waiting for next batch of consoles?

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    polaris70 wrote:
    As far as I'm concerned a console is meant to be a home arcade for original first and third party exclusives as well as arcade ports. Apart from the odd game from America and Europe it does depend on Japan to deliver, which has been a big problem this gen as we all know. Thankfully Japanese developers are getting their act together, with decent games coming on a regular basis over the next 12 months so HD consoles are finally starting to pick up for me.

    Hmm, I'm not sure about this. I've had an xbox since 2006 and I haven't played a Japanese game on it yet. I haven't played a Japanese styled game or a Japanese themed game. To sum up, I don't like Japanese influenced games and I've played a lot of games on my 360. A lot more games than than the "odd game from America and Europe" that you mention.

    Your post is articulate and well structured, but if you don't mind me saying so it is also complete bollocks.
    Perhaps he is living in 1989?

    I don't play Japanese (and other SE Asian) games.
    The last Japanese game I played was Devil may cry.

    Oh wait, I played Resident Evil 4 for 15 minutes on the Wii..
    What utter crap.
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