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    skuzzbag wrote:
    guts wrote:
    I know it's immature, and my 12yo daughter was none the wiser, but I was just over at my parents nicking my dads spirit level so that I can put some shelves up, and I told little Em to go and ask her grandad if he had any spare bubbles for it. Because it was her asking and not me he actually stopped and thought for a bit if he had any.
    Here you go. Let me know if you need any long stands, also I've got a great contact for striped paint in Korea.
    Silly man, just the bubble needed. Got the liquid. I did fall for the 'long weight' gag when I was first in the trade as a wet behind the ears sixteen year old. Have got other people with it and always do it to the work experience lads that get sent to us. Sky hooks, glass nails, skirting board ladders, tartan paint and the lot.
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