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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    As an aside, why does something looking gay mean that it's bad. I get it when you say something like 'these delays are fucking gay' you're not actually being homophobic, but I think the implication here is that looking gay is bad. In which case why aren't we all wearing string vests and ill fitting jeans with elastic waists?
    I don't necessarily think gay is being used as "bad", exactly... it's the sort of derogatory slur you'd use against someone when they're not actually gay. Like... an affront to their masculinity / alpha male junk. If the person's actually gay, then going "gaaaaaay" doesn't really have the same impact. They'll just find it offensive.
    /shrug. Maybe we need some phrase like "gaaaay" to use when the targetted person is actually gay. Straaaaaaight doesn't really cut it.
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