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    If all you want to do is listen to vinyl without spending squillions, then just get the entry-level Pro-ject turntable - it's about 150 new from most places, it's won loads of awards and pretty much is the best out there for budget high.

    Kalel is right about the Technics 1200/1210 as they are totally bomb-proof - I have a set and I love them dearly. But they are looked down on by hifi geeks as they are built to never break when used for DJing, not for sonic purity.

    Stepping up from the Pro-Ject, then Rega are great.

    BTW, if you are getting into vinyl, then look on the web for local record fairs - you'll usually find stuff cheaper than the shops, and often better than bay as you will usually be able to bargain people down a bit if you buy a few LPs off them. The 2nd hand vinyl trade has died a death in recent years due to eBay, so unless there's particular things you are after, it's hard to find 'general' 2nd hand vinyl stores.

    Also, apart from eBay, Discogs and Gemm are brilliant for tracking down rarities ;-)

    What sort of music are you into?
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