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    S.J.Rogers wrote:
    MikeP wrote:
    How much cash are you looking to spend on the turntable? If you're not going megabucks the Rega Planar is nice. Here's one on FleaBay.

    Thats VERY pretty.

    A little more than i want to spend as i am just a begginer also i am a tight git..!

    Just looked at that - it's a seriously good price for that turnable.

    Unless you have somewhere near you that sells 2nd hand hifi kit, it might be difficult to find something decent and also very cheap. If you do have somewhere local, then old decks by Pioneer, Marantz and the like should be around for 30-50 in good nick. You just need to check the drive belt is OK (they stretch with age, so the record will sound slow or distorted) and of course, the condition of the cartridge/needle (the more wear, the more hiss on 's's on vocal tracks is an easy way to tell)

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