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    S.J.Rogers wrote:
    So much advice, its really appreciated..!

    Its a new hobbie and one i really hope to enjoy, as a massive music fan.

    As to what music i like, on eBay last night i managed to pick up 4 albums . The Egles- GH, Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms, Chris Rea - The Road to Hell and Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall.

    I am now on the look out for some, Lead Zep, lynyrd skynyrd and some Who...

    If that's the music you are into, then you are spoilt for choice at the cheap end of vinyl buying. Check charity shops and car boot fairs.

    The good Led Zep albums you won't find cheap as they are always in demand - but the repress versions should be about 10 a pop - same with The Who.

    Also, my tip would be to search in eBay for "vinyl lot" - you should find people selling boxes of mixed records cheap or old collections. Should be some bargains in there - but don't forget that postage can be a killer!
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