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    Lutz wrote:
    Teeth wrote:
    I think for 3 you will have to go and sink that evil Baron Raymondo, then come back and talk to her again.
    Tried, no luck. And here's another thing; I've fought that Baron at least 6 times so far. Each time I beat him in a duel (My ship not being powerful enough to easily take out his Galleon) he surrenders, then gives me a fraction of a map that leads to a relative. I got 4 pieces which lead me to my sister, and I have 2 pieces to lead me to my uncle. But each time I beat him I get 3,000g in plunder plus his ship, but he simply respawns and I have to hunt all over the Spanish Main for him again.

    Huh, that's odd. I don't know then; try improving your dancing moves :)

    Lutz wrote:
    For 2, you can buy different ammo types and cannons I think in the docks. It's been a while since I played it but I know y ou can at least buy different cannon types and armour for your ship there. Hmm.
    Aye, there's 3 shots: Standard, Chain and Grape, and you can buy extra plating for your ship. But where do you get the actual cannons themselves? I've got 2 Royal Sloops ATM, one with 18 cannons, one with 20.

    Ah, ok. As I say, it's been some time. Don't know then, sorry :(
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