#7903158, By Freek Has gaming ground to a halt?

  • Freek 28 Aug 2011 09:51:37 7,682 posts
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    Everybody complaining about the lack of innovation needs to look to the indy, mobile and download space, [u]NOW[/u].

    That's where you get small teams with new ideas working on really strange and interesting games. That's where the games industire is innovating in a really big way. The fact that downlaodable games and the mobile space have a big audiance now has really caused a revolution. A really small team with a really good idea now has a real chance of hitting it big.

    Mainstream games simply require to large a budget to take risks, a new generation isn't going to change that, it is infact going to make them even more risk averse. The graphical quality will go up again meaning it will take even more programmers and artists to make the game resulting in a neven bigger budget.
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