#7903293, By Freek Has gaming ground to a halt?

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    redcrayon wrote:
    I agree with all of your post apart from

    A really small team with a really good idea now has a real chance of hitting it big

    Devs have been making games for smartphones for years now. What percentage would you say have 'hit it big'?

    It's not just smart phones, it's Steam, XBLA, PSN.

    With games like Joe Danger, Braid, Bastion, Trine, Castle Crashers or something like Word Fighter or Game Dev Story.
    Check out "WTF Is" for heaps of small weird games; http://www.youtube.com/show/wtfis and ofcourse the Humble Indy bundel: http://www.humblebundle.com/ , actually making so much money they are giving alarge chuck of it to charity.

    So yeah, in short, smaller teams and indy developers are now doign bettter then ever. And that is becuase of places like Steam, App Store etc. are giving these game a real audiance to the point that sometimes they can even get proper funding from a big publisher.

    Sure, small devs have been making games for years, but it's not untill this generation of consoles and services came along that they have had a place to sell these things properly.
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