#7905533, By CaptainKid Has gaming ground to a halt?

  • CaptainKid 29 Aug 2011 00:39:21 171 posts
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    For me Deus Ex is the pinnacle of gaming design and I compare all fps and rpg's (my fav genres) to it.

    I must say Fallout 3 and New Vegas have surpassed that game on some departments like exploring and free roaming. But haven't in some other departments like the actual dealing with enemies and situations.

    After reading some Deus Ex 3 reviews I have to conclude the original is still not surpassed on the important bits by that game as well.

    So, yes I think gaming has come to a stand still, AI is still mediocre (wth happened to the Oblivion radiant AI like we seen in videos???) game play seems to have less freedom and is simplified. (go to map marker, press button, go to map marker, etc.)

    On the other hand I do think there are more fun/good games now then there were ever before.
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