#8632327, By samk Legend of Grimrock - awesome new Dungeon Master homage/clone

  • samk 25 Apr 2012 10:22:18 703 posts
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    Yeah, the door at the "we warned you" sign. Initially just keep retreating to that door. Then when you start clearing out the open areas, like I say pick them off one at a time by getting one to follow you to an open area then do the 2x2 tile side strafing tactic.

    They do keep respawning, but quite slowly so you can whittle the numbers down eventually. Just take it slow and clear them out. The area is quite large in size with a few branching paths, so imo there's no chance of doing a suicide run.

    At the end of the area are some open doors that you can close behind you, so when more spawn they won't be able to follow you.
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