#7943893, By FutureDave Who believes in God?

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    freedumb wrote:
    If Jesus came down to earth today and performed the same miracles in front of people's eyes, right in front of them so they could clearly see, some would believe him to be God's Son, others would doubt, and still others would cite him as a fraud, equating him as some sort of Derren Brown style illusionist/magician.

    The old "if" line. Sure, 'if' God came down (from space?) in a big gold chariot through the clouds and zapped a few pagans with his laser finger, I'm pretty sure we'd all be convinced. In fact, I'd go up to him and ask why the fuck he has to be such a dick about hiding and screwing with the evidence of his own existence. I'd ask why he only seems to appear in the writings of a thousand year old book. And he appears the whole fucking time! Like everywhere, and to just about everyone, doing magic shit left right and centre, or killing the entire population of earth when he's pissed off. I'd ask if maybe he got a bit shy since then, or developed performance anxiety. Then I'd give him a hug and offer him some first borns to kill to make him feel better.

    If this happened, maybe he'd pat me on the back and thank me for not being such a sycophant, and at least using the brain and the free will he'd given me. In fact, I reckon I'd be in the express queue for the best seats in heaven with all the other atheists who aren't so easily won over by bullshit, and question the belief in something for which there is no evidence. It would be us, the atheists, right on the front row. And the creationists will be stuck right up in the nose bleeds by the smelly toilets with their view obscured by pillar.

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