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    The Mighty Rose has returned!

    So it seems Tim Rose missed the boat on this somewhat. I figured I would go into a store on the friday it came out and pick it up. How foolish of me. I tried two separate HMV stores and two separate branches of Game. In the latter they only had the game available for people who pre ordered and those handful of copies were now gone. Spoke with a young member of staff at the first Game store (with hair like Russell Brand) who could not have shown less interest if he tried. He had no idea when or even if they would get copies down the line. The next Game I tried was the same story but at least the girl who I spoke with (who had a rather trendy spiky haircut with some of her head shaved) at least tried to be interested and helpful too me and recommended that the babe magnet extraordinaire should buy it from Game's online store.

    From what I can tell this game seems to be one of the best games on Vita yet the high street stores could not give two hoots about it. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

    Dear reader bear this simple truth in mind:
    Tim Rose likes to own physical copies of things. He does not want to download. Besides which my 32gb memory card will not last long if I have to download games onto it.

    Anyway to cut a long, and somewhat tedious story short (by my own high standards at least), The Mighty Rose has ordered the game online via ebay as Shopto have sold out at the moment and Amazon's delivery times have really hit the skids as of late. Hopefully I will get the game next week and can finally get stuck into it and leave lbp behind.
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