#9408911, By TheMightyRose Persona 4 Golden

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    The Mighty Rose arrived home just now and found that his (my!) copy of Persona 4 had been delivered.

    All right!

    I only ordered it yesterday afternoon! 29.95 and no delivery charges and I get it next day? Brand new and sealed as well. That will do me nicely son.

    This is actually my first vita purchase since I bought LBP back in September. I think I have put in my time on that and could now do with a change and Persona 4 sounds right up my street.

    Tim Rose actually still has his ps2 copy of Persona 4 which he has never played. I had only just finished playing Persona 3 at the time and needed a break from that type of game. Now, however I can finally get stuck into it and take my time.

    On that note does anyone who has played this game have any tips, advice or suggestions that would help The Mighty Rose get the most out of this when starting from scratch or any key things he should look out for when playing through this? Obviously no spoilers please.
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