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    Hello elstoof. This is just how I roll son. I have always done this on EG although I do not post that often so it should not be that much of a big deal. It is simply one of my many idiosyncrasies and it does not hurt or demean anyone, although Tim Rose (me!) can understand that it can annoy others. He he. Perhaps I should just resort to being generally ignorant and negative towards others and calling everyone a ####. Any banana head can do that. Thankfully I am better than that. The Mighty Rose (or Mr.O as he is also knownski) takes people for who they are and not for what he wants them to be, warts and all.
    This is why I am THE Mighty Rose!

    Now back to the game:

    16 Hours into this game now and still enjoying it but I do wish there was a way to buy SP as The Mighty Rose is finding that he keeps running out in the dungeons and ends up just whacking the attack button. Works fine in real life but in this game the enemies will quickly pick you off. I had almost forgotten how tactical almost all the battles in the Persona games are. Digital Devil Saga still gives me nightmares to this day.

    Also in terms of fusion Tim Rose was trying to create a Jack Frost when something happened and I ended up with a wild card persona called Legion who looks a bit like that monster from Big Trouble in Little China. Not had much use for him at the moment if I am being honest. Bought the personas I lost in that fusion and did the same thing again and finally got my Jack Frost.

    There really is just too much things to see and do in this game. So many things that I could not be bothered joining any of the clubs and usually just spend my days hanging around the shopping district running errands for that money grabbing fox and stuffing my face in the noodle place before going home and spending time in the garden with Nanako. Got some nice vegetables growing there now.
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