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    Thankfully this thread seems to be generally full of good eggs who are friendly and constructive towards others and who seem to, like me, really love this game. Threads like these are what make EG still worthwhile.


    Thanks for that Zack. I also have discovered that growing tomatoes helps with this as well. Also, I now have a persona that has Invigorate 2 which restores SP each turn. As for the SOS I use that all the time and some of the messages I have read in the Rescue log are genius. My favourite so far was the one that said "Igor is totally doing Margaret!" which I have saved. He He.


    How do you keep a card sweep going? Of late The Mighty Rose always seems to end up with just 1 move during the selection process at the end where earlier in the game I was able to pick up all the cards. Also is there a trick to hitting those golden hands and stopping them from escaping?


    Bro I love your stuff!

    Now for some general stuff that Tim Rose has noticed whilst playing:

    Playing on hard really was not the best idea I have ever had as so far in every boss fight I am just scraping through by the seat of my underpants.

    I only recently discovered that you can have four people in a party. Whoops! I had been going through the dungeons with just three. On the plus side I did get more EXP from doing that.

    That song that plays during school sounds like the female singer is saying titty. Every time Tim Rose hears it he (me!)thinks of boobs.

    That fox really is a money grabbing little bugger. 22,000+ yen to get healed? When is this discount, that you are supposed to get from helping him with errands, going to kick in? I kind of wish he was a proper party member as I remember the dog from Persona 3 which kicked serious butt in that game.

    What's with the Tofu shop and Liquor store? Can you ever buy anything from them? Some of the bosses and dungeons really make me want to have a drink.

    Having previously played all the ps2 persona games I still have to check what each spell does as I can never remember. Dekaja, Rakunda, Klaatu Barada Nikto etc. Is there anyone on here who knows what they are instantly?

    Oh and 25+ hours in I am still really enjoying this. I am still not sure if this or LBP Vita is my favourite game on it but both are worth buying a Vita for.
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