#7914056, By pineapple762 Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is for the most militarily intelligent gamer.

  • pineapple762 31 Aug 2011 20:22:40 20 posts
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    I know what you're thinking...Arma 2 is the most challenging as a military sim. Believe me I have both games. Arma 2 on the PC is pretty good, but in my opinion it is not immersive. It lacks real drama or pace. Let's put it this way, I didn't hear one swear word when anyone died during online PC multiplayer. Contrast this with what I believe is the most militarily challenging (bugs and all) battle war sim still out there... Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising (2 year olds now)...This game is immersive, tense, fierce, raw and if you are an average shooter ... do not bother. You will be slaughtered. You will feel like quitting every game. You will quit and receive no experience points. However if you are an elite thinking man's shooter please try this game out on the xbox 360. You can watch some of my videos on You tube to wet your appetite or to learn what the real potential for this game is. My gamer tag is 'pineapple762'. Search for this name on you tube. Be warned for the elite gamer, you may not play another game for quite some time if you pick up this game.
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