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    Raining_Upwards wrote:
    I personally love how Spanky has completely copied over the contents of Stu's post, so that we don't have to give that waste of skin any additional hits on his site.

    I too admire his heroic dedication to the pursuit of utter futility. The tiny frothing band of nutjobs on here would never have clicked the link anyway, and all the normal readers of the forum who aren't shrieking, obsessive stalkers click it and read it properly before getting to the standard hysterical response of the hatemob. (Hits directly from here are already comfortably into three figures, in barely 10 minutes.)

    But hey, anything that keeps the silly little twat busy for five minutes is a public service in my book, so by all means carry on. And that goes for you too - every post of weepy-faced crying you make bumps the thread back up to the top of the page so more people can see it. Thanks!
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