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  • Deleted user 14 February 2013 14:53:18
    captbirdseye wrote:
    cubbymoore wrote:
    captbirdseye wrote:
    I wonder if he came from the same class as the other hack Paul W.S. Anderson who ranks just as bad as Wiseman. How these two get jobs is beyond me considering how critically bad all their films are.....but people will pay for shite!
    A director who would happily do what the producers want is quite attractive in the days of test screenings being so important. I bet they bend to anything, they don't seem to be the protective type.
    Totally. The amount of films ruined because of the above is becoming much more common sadly.

    It also reminds me about Ronald Emmerich who was totally obsessed with Superman fighting a giant spider when on board for producing the now canned film in the 90s. Every director he approached told him to "Fuck Off" and the film ended up on the scrap heap....he then went away and brought us Wild Wild West :(.
    That isn't becoming more common at all. Producers and studios have always made the decisions, the directors that don't have to listen to them have been rare.
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