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    Genji wrote:
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    I play more 70+ rated games than I do the higher rated games right now. Its seems to me that the current crop of game reviewers have subjective agendas in their critiques. They'll nitpick one game based on expectations and then give another game a pass on the same issues. I admit that, in the past, reviewers have always had biases but it's much more prevalent now. Reviews were more reliable when it was print media compared to the present internet reviewers. I doubt if many have graduated college while majoring in journalism.
    I really don't understand what you're trying to say here. Subjective agendas? Biases? Care to give examples?

    2 examples.... Warhammer 40k: Space Marine & Catherine

    Space Marine - A game that doesn't play like Gears of War, nor wants to, but Gears of War is used as a reference in almost every review. Why is that?
    Space Marine gets penalized for what its not instead of getting praise for what it is. It also gets panned by critics for being repetitive, though, it's fun to play.

    MetaC Score - 76

    Catherine - A game with a "mature" storyline while, also, not having any game that reviewers can make a reference towards. It gets praised for its originality and quirky nature. Unsurprisingly, Catherine gets a pass for its boring repetitive Q-bert style gameplay.

    MetaC Score - 83

    Imho, this makes no sense.
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