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    Good call on the new Medal Of Honor - it was my favourite FPS of last year, the last half of the campaign is amazing. However, the fantastic Tier 1 mode (timed levels, no ammo from squadmates, death=restart) cannot be played without a Live Gold account due to the leaderboards, which is total fucking bollocks.
    See, they missed a trick here because i played the first two levels of this and it was so painfully average in every way that i simply refused to play on. Life is too short and there are too many good games out there to play.

    If only they had put some of the good stuff into the first hour it might have grabbed me and I would have played on.

    I didn't though, and I will always remember it as Medal of Average.

    I absolutely agree - I spent the first half of the game shaking my head at the CoD-lite it had become. However, the second half explodes and, once you replay from the beginning, you can appreciate the shape of the whole thing and the first half becomes more tolerable as you know it's the slow, steady build-up to the great part.

    One of my main criticisms was the infinite ammo from your squadmates, and it's amazing how much more tense it becomes when this crutch is removed (along with all checkpoints) in Tier 1 mode. I loved it.
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