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    Hello, I am Zombie_Professor, a senior member of the Support Resident Evil Outbreak Campaign.

    As some of you diehard Resident Evil fans may recall, Resident Evil Outbreak was the very first Resident Evil game designed to allow players to play online together. But much to the disappointment of many players throughout Europe, when the original Resident Evil Outbreak PS2 game was released on September 17th 2004, it came without online functionality. Understandably, players felt angry that Resident Evil Outbreak online play was a North American and Japan only privilege.

    But better times were ahead. On August 26th 2005, Capcom released a sequel: Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. This time Capcom got it right and made sure that online gameplay could be enjoyed by everyone. But the exciting online zombie slaying times came to an abrupt end in 2007, when the online server was closed.

    It was then that a group of Resident Evil Outbreak supporters decided to work together to create a campaign to support Resident Evil Outbreak. Perhaps some of you have not heard about our campaign, so here is a brief explanation: We are a loyal group of over seven hundred Resident Evil Outbreak fans trying to convince Capcom to port the original Resident Evil Outbreak game and Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 to consoles such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. We are also asking Capcom to develop a new game in the series - Resident Evil Outbreak File 3.

    Our campaign started back in 2007, but we have made a lot of progress since then so let me give you an update: The total number of signatures on our Support Outbreak petition increases every single day. We currently have over 8500 signatures of support from Resident Evil Outbreak fans. We are closer than ever before to achieving our goal of 10,000 signatures. Once we do reach 10,000 signatures, we will be sending the petition to Capcom’s headquarters. Support Outbreak Petition

    Our campaign is also scheduled to be featured in a three page article in the December 2011 edition of Resident Evil Zone’s gamer magazine “Evil-Mag.” Resident Evil Zone is Germany’s largest Resident Evil fansite. Our members are inspired by the enthusiastic support shown by the Resident Evil Outbreak fans over at Resident Evil Zone.

    We have also created a new and improved official Support Outbreak YouTube page. I invite you to visit it here: Support Outbreak YouTube Page

    I also want to invite everyone to visit our blog on our official Support Outbreak website: Support Outbreak Website

    If you subscribe to Twitter, you can also follow our new Twitter page: Support Outbreak Twitter Page

    With a few more Outbreak fans voicing support for the series, we might just be successful. So if you enjoyed playing Resident Evil Outbreak, please consider signing the petition and joining our discussion on the Capcom forum: Support Outbreak Capcom Forum
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