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    Anyone with the least bit of knowledge about the Resident Evil series knows that Resident Evil Outbreak was not a failure. The original Resident Evil Outbreak sold 1.45 million copies on the Playstation 2 earning its spot as number 33 on Capcom's platinum titles list.

    Since Outbreak was a Playstation 2 exclusive game, it is important to compare it to other Resident Evil games as a single stand-alone game for a specific console.

    Resident Evil Outbreak sold more than Resident Evil Code: Veronica X with 1.4 million on the Playstation 2, Resident Evil with 1.35 million on the Gamecube, Resident Evil 0 with 1.25 million on the Gamecube, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles with 1.20 million on the Wii, Resident Evil DC Dual Shock with 1.2 million on the Playstation, Resident Evil Code: Veronica with 1.14 million on the Dreamcast and Resident Evil Director's Cut with 1.13 million on the Playstation. Source

    So my friends, are you still not convinced that Capcom cares about Resident Evil Outbreak? It is a well known fact that many members of Capcom's staff would love to see the Outbreak series revived. Assistant producer of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Mike Ross said in an interview with Playstation Magazine UK "that he was a big fan of Outbreak and even acknowledged that there was a huge support group on Capcom Unity." Capcom producer Rey Jiminez added "that he was also a big fan and added that Outbreak was ahead of its time."

    The bottom line is, Capcom cares about Resident Evil Outbreak and so do its loyal fans.
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