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    UncleLou wrote:
    Always found it difficult with a Shadow to get any AoE working, or to find spells that suit a dual wield melee build. Definitely one of the more challenging classes!
    Mine uses frost nova (or whatever it's called, I get Diablo clones mixed up by now :) and it works out rather well.
    Combined with viper strike it allows for selectively picking off enemies: viper into the heart of a group, nova, viper out towards the edge, pick off slowed/frozen enemies then repeat.
    Mana potions not optional though.

    Just had my first ever hard BSOD/restart since, well, ever on my current PC playing this. I feel inclined to put it down for a while because of it although the game mechanics are awesome. Like Natalie, I'm torn.

    Also: the sound seems completely off on my PC. Most of the time sound effects aren't triggered and when they do they're far too silent or out of sync.
    Anyone else had this issue? And know how to address it?
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