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    I'm of a similar opinion as THFourteen:
    - The game looks ugly (mostly art design and lighting, but the low poly-counts and nearly non-existent effects don't help either)
    - The combat feels a bit off: Sometimes the target mob doesn't highlight even though my mouse is very much on it (hitbox trouble?), and I miss when I feel I shouldn't (but then there seems to be an accuracy stat, so maybe it's on purpose).
    - I wouldn't have minded a separate inventory bit for fragments and scrolls.

    That said, there also are some rather interesting bits to the game, such as
    - The difficulty for me was spot-on (played until the 2nd waypoint in mud-flats, level 4 or 5); single mobs were no trouble, large groups and elites / bosses meant lots of kiting.
    - The passive skill-tree and levelling skill-gems are interesting ideas. I'm not sure how well they will work in later levels, but for now they're certainly different and intriguing.
    - Lots of options for upgrading / tweaking existing loot
    - Interesting loot and attributes, from the very start of the game. The effects (and working) of potions are great ideas. Drop rates seems nicely balanced too (maybe a tad high, but we'll see).

    I feel compelled to play more, and the decision to a hardcore character that transfers to softcore on death is also clever (and means I get a huge rush when I encounter a named mob and have to run like hell).
    As I have no idea what I'm doing talent-wise, so I'll probably gimp myself and then be really angry at the game (playing a ranger called "Unrated").
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