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    @Sharzam Yeah, sometimes i've considered that to help me by sections that i've found tricky solo but i've never taken the plunge (in HC) as i'm more scared of other people getting me killed, at least on my own i know it was because i stuffed up! :)

    Had a right dicey time with Merveil last night - decided to chance it at level 15 with only 3 Town Portals, playing an Energy Shield & Armour Witch with Shield and Mace.

    I could take big chunks out of Merv but wasn't mobile enough to escape all her spells which really hurt. I got her to Phase 2 but popped all my TPs in the process, the ensuing fight through the exploding squids wearing her down was pertty epic - probably took 15 minutes for the entire fight.

    Getting back outside ot the jungle was such a relief - back to one shotting monkeys and apes. :D
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