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  • Deleted user 16 September 2011 12:05:41
    Having seen the Resident evil 6 video news (now fake) something hit me about the number 6 and made me think it's getting ridiculous now (it being the 8th Res Evil in the Main games 0,1,2,3,CV,4,5). Granted Police Academy had 7 films of which Mission to Moscow was one of the better ones and James Bond has been belting them out for years but at what point do you say enough is enough.

    There are various universes that support different stories and side plots and do it well, but in a franchise like horror the titles familiarity betrays the sense of suspense and tension it tries to create. It's not just horror though this year sees a host of Threequels. Trilogies are probably the accepted run for a story in a short space of time with a 4th or reboot coming a few years if not a decade later. That said am I the only one who would love to see a more of a mix between sequels and new IPs this year has been so sequel driven its crazy and whilst many will be and are great games their stories and worlds cannot be as awe inspiring or impactful a second time round. I will admit that, unlike Movies, there is more a game can add with each passing sequel than just a story and effects but even so that shouldn't forgo attempts at something new.

    I know new IPs are gambles and that sequels are almost guaranteed cash cows. Its a shame the game industry has yet to really establish a director celebrity culture. There are no games designers with as much clout as Del Toro, Jackson, Speilberg or even Bay.

    But anyway to my point, which new gaming IP, world/setting, characters would you live to see?


    - Cannibals/Inbreds (cahinsaw massacre esque) in the everglades (Cannibals are underused in games and the everglades is moody and incredibly hard to traverse on foot creating tension as a hoard of cannibals comes baying for you)
    - Crazed Animal Virus in Cost Rica (Rain forest setting out in the middle of nowhere, animals with ever increasingly aggressive features and personalties clash as you track you way to find out why and escape)
    - Maybe an FPS set on an ever changing map as doors and areas are blocked off and opened at random and at pace keeping the action moving and trapping you in certain situations.

    These are a little cliche but would love to see what else people have in mind, maybe we can even give the games companies pause for thought :)
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