#7980509, By Ahskay The most disappointing game sequels

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    Tyggen wrote:
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    Witcher 2 and Mass Effect 2 are just bad though, even if I don't consider the originals.

    Ah, so we've just progressed to a random list of ( actually mostly pretty good sequels ) and the critical analysis of "they are shit". Brilliant.
    (quote cut to reduce post length)

    Yes, very. I can write you a review if you want, but this wasn't it.

    Ahskay wrote:
    What are the reasons you dislike The Witcher 2? I'm curious. I understand ME2 but i want to know about W2 though.

    I put a vote up for Dragon Age 2 also, forgot about that one.

    Well, it's really strange. It's like CDProject took all the negatives of a PC game and combined it with all the negatives of a console game, put a shiny layer of paint over it and shipped it off. It controls, acts and looks like it's made for a console, but at the same time it's missing a few hundred hours of QA. Like most PC games it looks like they shipped version 0.8 rather than 1.0. At least that's how it was when I played it this summer, could be better now.

    In short, buggy, bad controls, bad gameplay, bad voice acting, bad models. Nice terrain/maps though.

    Fair enough and some good personal reasons to put it up for a vote.
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