#7984022, By Ahskay The most disappointing game sequels

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    King_Edward wrote:
    So we've done Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2 and Resi 4. Are the haters ready to start spouting nonsense about GTA4 yet?

    I don't like GTA4, it's not nonsense but i got bored by that game. Get in a car, drive around with bad physics get out, shoot with bad controls get back in the car,...

    I'm fond off the sandbox set-up though. With the all weapons cheat i had a couple of hours of fun. Do note that i didn't like the others either for the same reasons and i like them for the same reasons, mindless fun shooting cops and civilians. The originals with the top-view and china town wars poop all over the main console versions imo.

    I do have a special love for Vice city, the only GTA worth attention imho, it's the best of them all and i even played the missions in that one.
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