#9671972, By QotSAfan The most disappointing game sequels

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    Killzone 3. After the brilliance of the second game, the whole Call of Duty touch up applied to the sequel was terrible. Hopefully Shadow Fall gets back to the nitty gritty diary of the runt format.

    Uncharted 3, purely for those psychedelic sections. Oh, and the ultimate anti-climax of the ending.

    Mass Effect 3. Lets just say, thank god for Mordin because the rest of the game threw away every piece of character development from the previous two games in order to shoe horn in the terrible space opera plot of the Reapers. It also felt half baked. As if they were rushed through development in order to meet a financial quarter and made save the other bits of the game for DLC in order to boost the revenue of a giant but ailing publisher.

    Far Cry 3. I enjoyed it but not a patch on 2 which is still one of my favourite FPS games ever. It also had an ultimately pointless open world, would have been better as a more linear driven stealth game.

    Halo 3. I can't remember a single thing about this.

    Fallout: New Vegas. Loading screens everywhere on the strip and overall, didn't have half of the character as 3. Bar Yes Man. I love Yes Man.
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