#7988409, By silversun Don't you think people are too sensitive about spoilers these days?

  • silversun 21 Sep 2011 21:14:58 149 posts
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    If the game is story based i think some people like myself like to take that in.
    The impact is alot more if the story is fresh and little is revealed about it , it can lead to suprise and i did not think that would happen.

    Sure alot of people know a certain person dies in final fantasy 7 but when i played that game i did not have the internet to spoil that suprise for me , it came out of nowhere.
    These can be best moments in games.
    A suprise does not have to be like what happened in final fantasy 7 or something like someone turns out to betray the team /party you are with.
    In fact i was avoided alot of metal gear soild 4 spoliers and it made the ending for me have alot of real impact when i finished it and it was an amazing suprise to see it end that way as i thought it may end in a different way.
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