#8033696, By WillyWanka 4th October. iPhone 4S... The day the world implodes...

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    heyyo wrote:
    WillyWanka wrote:
    awww kind of disappointed, but I'll upgrade nonetheless as my decrepit 3G is only getting ever slower. They should've just called this iPhone 5; 4s just makes it sound like a stopgap and therefore less appealing

    It is a stopgap

    I know. I'm just saying the psychological barrier when the name itself is akin to 4.5 wouldn't be so great if Apple had just called it 5. I suppose the precedent was started with the 3GS but I reckoned they called it that just to get the model iteration number in line with the number in the name for iPhone 4. I didn't think they'd put it back out of sync again, and basically admit to the customer through the name that this was a stopgap.
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