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    Just found this thread and started reading TechnoHippy's 'Zen Masters'. I'm only three entries in, but really enjoying it so far. Your voice is very clear and distinctive, conjuring up some powerful images. Your world feels very melancholy and lived-in, a big plus, and I'm looking forward to checking out how the story and character develops. I'll push on with it when I have some time. If that was your first draft, it's amazingly clean - I'm an aspiring novelist and my first efforts are always a complete mess. There's so far some punctuation, spelling and sentence structure you could tidy up (par for course, really), but it generally reads very elegantly. Congrats.

    I'm more than happy to look through other people's work too (might take me a while, though, I'm a slow reader), if a link could be provided - I'd rather not have to trawl through seventy pages of this thread.

    It wasn't for NaNoWriMo, but I'm currently serialising an action thriller, Dead Drop, on my blog, with plans to self-publish as an e-book once it is finished, albeit after a big tidy-up. (It's essentially first draft work with one quick re-edit). I have put up ten entries so far, any feedback you guys could give me on it would be hugely appreciated, even moreso considering the plans to e-book it later.

    [link url=http://dead-drop.co.uk/]You can find links to each instalment here.[/link url]

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