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    TechnoHippy wrote:

    For the lazy amongst us (mostly me) can you include a link to the new posts with your posts?


    Quite a nice snippet of conversation. Again with a philosophical twist at the end. I'm intrigued as to the structure of the overall story. Is it organised in the same way you are posting it? Or is there an edit stage to come to fit it all together?


    I'm on a personal quest at the moment to drive the incidences of 'was' from my writing, so I noticed quite a few in this piece that could be changed.

    I like the thought stream asides.


    Nice piece of existential dread.
    Thanks for the feedback! I love a bit of existential dread. With regards to structure, I'm trying to write it on the blog so each piece can be read stand alone unless explicitly stated otherwise. I just don't think that many people would be willing to read it otherwise. Although yeah I may edit it eventually and try to bring it together in a more conventional sense.

    If you want anything looking at I'd be happy to.
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