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    Ive used both, had something closer to success with the latter.
    Even if that were the case, why do you think this is acceptable?

    According to you:
    The AK is a bad weapon
    the G-MAL is a worse weapon
    practice makes perfect
    but better players have better weapons

    you dont see a problem with this for new players?

    I dont find the game hard, i think it is awful
    dislike of the exp and unlock system aside the beta was pretty good by the end. I wasnt the best player but could hold my own, regularly coming 1st or 2nd in good matches. For some reason ND have changed some fundamental things which have really ruined the game for me [and many others actually reading around] mid-long range hit detection is almost nonexistent.

    Its not that i cant aim, its that the few bullets entering an enemies body do nothing and the rest magically miss.

    When i can come from a game of MAG or Resistance or BC2 [all fps sure but shooting is shooting] and even the U3 beta coming 1st/2nd all the time to playing U3 and not being able to even get one kill, its not a matter of being different…thats broken.
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