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    PeacockDreams wrote:

    you keep telling yourself you have some sort of magical, mythical version that plays differently to everyone elses, it couldnt possibly be that your not very good at it.

    it could very possibly be that im not very good at it…but foolishly i thought this would be at least similar to what i previously played of the same game in beta form and based my expectations on that experience.

    hell, maybe its just lag…but its not on my end so again not something that should be a problem…remember this is not a beta [and again, the beta was not like this]

    More importantly; why do you care so much about this if everything works great for you, enjoy it.
    Why would i care? why am i questioning the game from the developer ive held in very high regard since the original Crash, why do i care about the game ive had preordered since announcement, that ive kept fanatically up to date with, that ive played in beta form and enjoyed thoroughly not too long ago only to play this version and find it barely playable.
    but no, you got me. just trolling
    I must try harder next time…
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