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    Iain815 wrote:
    I just blasted through the entire series in a weekend. Great stuff. The bunker scene was the most intense thing I've watched in a long time (apart from Breaking Bad). Damian Lewis is fantastic.

    But one thing is annoying me, what was the deal with the couple and that house in the middle of the series? It was a very '24' we-make-everything-up-as-we-go-along esque plot hole.

    Also, Claire Danes makes the weirdest facial expressions.
    Major spoilers -
    Totally agree about the bunker scene, was incredibly tense, I needed a nap afterwards. Also agree about the plot hole. I assume that the couple are (well the girl) coming back later, as it wasn't really confirmed what their deal was, especially the girl and why their cell was being eliminated, and they're the key to finding out who the mole is. (It better not be Mandy Pantkin!)
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