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    Bremenacht wrote:
    I don't see how he's wrong. 360s are selling very well. PS3s are doing Ok too. Only Nintendo really needs to get a new console out, as the Wii is tired and people for whom the Wii was a first console are moving 'up' to 360/PS3. They've yet to make the most of Kinect & Move too.

    1080p look like it'll be the standard for another generation. Price will also be a bigger factor than at any other generation of console.

    The Wii's current situation shows the problem with actually waiting until sales drop significantly before you announce a successor console - itīs a bit of a gamble, because the exact timing of the dropoff is hard to estimate.

    Weīll see which path MS takes, but I wouldnīt be surprised if the CES announcement rumors come true.

    Itīs important to remember that both MS and Sony will keep the 360 and PS3 in stores for a long time to come - the PS2 sold tens of millions after the PS3 launched. Especially with Kinect, Move, etc. it will be useful for them to have a bargain-basement entry level console that everyone can afford. The 720 and PS4 donīt mean the death of the 360 and PS3...

    EDIT: "Running Windows 8" - I mean, they have Metro coming in the next dashboard update, and I doubt they would actually fork the 360 hardware at this point in the cycle.

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