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    I wrote this yesterday in the PS4 Hardware thread but seeing as that's a bit of a mess right now I figured I'd post here. Not only that, it's a more general query anyway.

    Anyway, balls to all the vizzini stuff, although he certainly is nuts deep into Sony for some reason. EDIT:(Strangely, the vizzini stuff appears to be in here as well!) Balls to the potential difference / similarities between the PS4 and the 720. Fuck who's going to win the next gen or even which company will survive the next 10 years.

    I want to know if either company is going to manage to bring to market something that is truly contemporary - both technologically and in terms of the media it gives us access to.

    How are the new consoles / platform holders going to deal with the way we consume media now, if at all? How are they going to react to us having media in our pocket - phones & tablets - all the time? Are they going to be pure games machines? Will they strengthen the established connections with the likes of netflix etc? or shun that in favor of focusing on gaming? (I suspect the former)

    Given Smart Phones & tablets have changed things so much, neither Sony or MS can ignore that, can they?. Did either company shift their design brief soon enough to capitalise and stay relevant, while still making a product that's cutting edge? Has that cutting edge been redefined by other formats / companies / delivery systems, meaning the S & MS are already backing a losing horse?

    Is a pure games machine a better option than trying to be all things to all men? And if not, then both S & MS better have some sensational media, internet, streaming, Cloud, Onlive, Gaikai, or 'something NEW!' stuff in the pipeline.

    I'm just hopeful that both companies manage to deliver something that's relevant...
    I've not really been keeping abreast of all the rumors / speculation so I'm pretty much in the dark re: what's coming next (I appreciate, no one really knows) but has there even been any discussion / speculations re: the above?
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