#9297990, By Ron_Justice Next generation of consoles come in

  • Ron_Justice 16 Jan 2013 15:03:48 3,105 posts
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    I dunno, more of the same but with more power - RAM, CPU & GPU - is all well and good but it's not really all that, given what other technology and media services deliver now. TBH, I've no idea what the alternative is, it just seems like there's an opportunity to define the next thing and more of the same, but with better graphics is a bit of a missed opportunity.

    Certainly, whatever they do produce it should be a premium bit of kit. Quiet, quick, reliable, easy. Just like IOS and high end Android devices I guess. Perhaps that's all they really need to do - make the interface and using it as slick as possible. After all, the actual hardware should be out of sight and mind, seeing as we actually interact with the devices, for 99/9% of the time, via a pad & telly.

    Well, we do right now....
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