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    @Psychotext I have little doubt. Unless they have created one hell of a conversion kit
    There's a chance one of the extra chips could be a CELL I guess...

    Reading the DF article and checking the technical node configuration of IBM roadrunner after Phase 3(2009),

    This setup still wouldn't preclude the AMD Jaguar 's 8 cores@1.6GHz being used as 4 roadrunner nodes(dual core Opteron 2220's 2.8Ghz) when comparing old versus new.

    Assume it is a 4 node headed system, that would then allow for new PowerXCell (fabricated at 14nm) each producing (5x the performance of a normal Cell BE according to wikipedia). Placing the whole system at 6Teraflops + Dfs estimate,

    But being slightly more realistic, Sony's silicon fabrication is probably still running at 28nm, and they'd either need 4 jaguar cores to substitute an dual core Opteron, or need to half clock each PowerXCell for thermal and power needs. So if this still uses the Cell Be, I think it would be 3Teraflops + Dfs estimate.

    Any thoughts?
    If it does have the thermal output of an opteron whilst working at 6 teraflops will it have a jaguar core or powerxcell because I saw a picture of a roadrunner and it was blue but with pink stripes which assuming we're working on a hypothetical 28nm basis makes it the size of an AMD motherload. Do you get me?
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