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    I remember not very long ago Arthur Gies mentioning on Rebel FM that the 360's successor was supposed to have twice the threads as it has cores on the CPU. So, 8 cores and 16 threads? I thought AMD is strictly 1 core, 1 thread?

    Honestly can't see MS letting Sony get a graphical leap on them, and I can't see Sony taking financial risks, so TBH I'm very much doubting anything I'm hearing. Surely Sony can't afford to Vita it up again? Surely? Or PS3-style price themselves to laughable levels? I mean, if the 360 successor isn't too underpowered in comparison but a TON cheaper (say $50-100) then they've cracked it, surely? And Sony cannot afford that.

    I'll most likely get the new Xbox no matter what (pre-existing investments such as Live etc), but I am one of those rare gamers that believes there needs to be two competitive consoles around to keep the industry healthy. After all, lack of choice leads to Windows Vista and Tesco...
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