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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Fake_Blood wrote:
    Ah come on, every forum needs a few fruitcakes.
    Yep, and in almost every other instance they're ridiculous, annoying, but generally ok as they spice things up. It's fun to burst their bubbles, mock them, catch them out and snigger as they fail.

    ecoose isn't that. He's been banned more than once and wheedles and whines his way back promising to be good, before backsliding soon as he can. He's like a forum Gollum, covered in spunk and with no discernable chin, moaning and whingeing and secretly loving all the victimisation, all the attention.

    He's honestly the only person on here the forum would be better without.

    Note: this cannot be used as evidence of directly attacking him, as he has me on ignore and so can't read this, the bile-flavoured spunkvomit.
    Interesting. /strokes beard
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