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    Something has been playing on my mind recently about Sony in the next generation in regards to the possible exclusive up their sleeve which is Planetside 2. Microsoft studios seem to be creatively bereft at the moment and the big thing this generation has been the multiplayer FPS genre which make up a huge draw for the online play.

    At the moment we all know that the two big powerhouses in this department are EA and Acti’s Battlefield and COD, which will both stay multiplatform in order to gain the biggest returns for their shareholders. Planetside 2 though will be a Sony exclusive title allowing hundreds of players able to simultaneously wage war. If sony release Planetside 2 as a “free2play” launch title for the PS4 sony would have a huge advantage appealing to gamers over Microsoft while making a small mint in micro transactions.

    The PC version as it stands at the moment is far from finished but with just over 10 months to put on polish and some form of win condition or endgame it could be just the thing to win many of those who jumped ship this generation.
    I was thinking about MAG earlier and the possibility of a MAG2 of the PS4 and then remembered that Zipper are no more. Planetside 2 could be a good shout to fill that niche though.

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