#9340842, By Next generation of consoles come in

  • Deleted user 2 February 2013 02:34:35
    I don't have much anticipation for the next gen consoles, the current HD generation brought us nothing but sharper graphics and screentear, we're still stuck playing 8v8 online shooters and racers after over 10 years of proper console gaming and I can't see that changing much in the next gen due to the way online console gaming works. We'll never see 32 v 32 players like PC gamers have had for years.

    If rumours are true about Sony removing the DualShock tech in favour of sensors and touch screens they can piss off, DualShock is one of the few things Sony got right in console gaming.

    Augmented reality could play a big part.

    I'm more interested in Steambox, playing cheap superior PC and indie games on my TV with a controller, no configuration files, no messing around, if anyone can make it work it's Valve, maybe the PS4 and Xbox3 will have Steambox functionality?
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