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    @Rhythm I don't buy the Netflix comparison as valid. Should their servers go down or your internet connection play up, the 6 or so quid a month isn't a hardship and won't make you cry that particular day. If the problem is at the provider's end and persists for a week you might start to get a little upset, a little bit refundy even.

    However, if you have a 300 pounds gaming machine at home and excitedly bound in one evening with your fresh 40 pounds title only to find you can't play because XBL / PSN 2.0 has ran into some technical difficulties, then that equals instant tears. Floods of them.

    The stability and security of the infrastructure in relation to the price consumers will have to pay for next-gen just isn't there and as such, now is not the right time for always online.

    Hell mend anyone who commits to such a thing given recent history!
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