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    I think people saying 'ah but look at Steam, loads of people have huge Steam collections, this won't be a problem at all' are misunderstanding the fact that a lot of those purchases are made when the game plummits to around the 5-10 mark. This can happen with games that haven't been out even 12 months at times.

    Games on 360 marketplace that have been released for 5-6 years are still 15-20 on XBOX.

    It's easier enough to completely dismiss someone's opinion because it goes against your own experiences, income, etc. etc. but I share that opinion and I'm not just stating it as some noisy internet punter.

    I can't afford games that cost 40-50. I just can't. I'd buy one-two games a year at that rate. My gaming budget is about 100 a year and likely to be less than that rather than more. We just don't have that level of disposable income and if second hand sales are ruled out, and by that I don't mean stupid GAME store prices, but more getting decent deals from friends or people on here in the swapsies thread, or even swapping games with friends/forumites, then I'm fucked.

    It's not a 'I won't spend money because I've got sand in my vagina about this'. It's a 'well, I won't buy anywhere near as many games as I won't be able to afford them and I don't see the value in games costing 40-50'.

    I'd look around for sale deals, of course, but I'd assume that the majority of my purchases from now on will be indie games or cheaper bite-size arcade marketplace type purchases.

    And I wouldn't be an early convertor (as I've always been, saving up for a console release) until I can work out whether I can afford to game on that system or not.

    I would say at some point I'm sure prices would tumble, but then the marketplace sales data seems to suggest that there are many many more people in the world with money to burn that I just don't have. Otherwise there would be no sales of 59.99 download games, ridiculously overpriced DLC and the like. So I'm not so sure they will.
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