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    oceanmotion wrote:
    The market would dictate the prices. If people can't afford as many games because there is no second hand sales then the prices would surely tumble and fast. Otherwise, people would buy fewer games if many at all.

    They must know this will happen. PC prices would have to happen. On sale at 20-30 would still be too much, then you have DLC on top.
    Yeah. Though if there's any truth to the argument that it doesn't matter that steam games can't be resold because they're so cheap in the first place, another way to avoid losing sales to the second hand market would be to reduce the price of games in the first place. If the margins are too small, nobody is going to bother with it. Everybody wins. Not going to happen though.

    We've arrived at the current tolerated cost of a new console game because of the second-hand market. And someone buying a second hand game is not equivalent to a lost new sale. I've often spend a fiver or something on an old game because it was cheap, which I would have never been interested in enough to pay full whack for.
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