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    Dirtbox wrote:
    It was around the same price as a dedicated player, but nowhere near as cheap as an internal BD-ROM which you could sling into a media hub for the same effect. IIRC it wasn't even that difficult.
    That assumes you have all the gubbins needed to make that internal player usable. I don't think PCs had HDMI back then unless you went high-end (thereby nullifying the whole idea of saving money) and many didn't have DVI. Most AV se-up would not accept VGA/DVI either. Audio would have probably been optical at best that couldn't have carried anything above AC3/DTS, unless you had an audiocard that had onboard 7.1 decoder that had separate phono outputs for each channel which again, puts you in high-end territory.

    It wouldn't have been impossible, just a bit of a crap solution.
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