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    Yeah. Though if there's any truth to the argument that it doesn't matter that steam games can't be resold because they're so cheap in the first place, another way to avoid losing sales to the second hand market would be to reduce the price of games in the first place. If the margins are too small, nobody is going to bother with it. Everybody wins. Not going to happen though.
    Nobody would win, people will still trade games, the shops would still undercut the cheaper games, people will always choose to get a couple of quid off, publishers sell less games to shop, less money goes to the people making games.

    Lock it out. Lock it all out. The shops, as they are entitled to, have created an eco-system which nearly locks out the people who makes the product. Trade in two new titles to get the newest title deals ensure the eco-system is quickly populated with games to undercut the RRP of new games by a few quick, cutting out the necessity to head to the publisher to meet demand. The effects of this are felt in the games themselves: single player games sacrificed or having multiplayer bolted on to keep the game in peoples hands to keep them out of the ecosystem, investment in DLC to make people hesitant to trade in, DLC schedules that eek out over months to keep those copies in peoples homes. No wonder the likes of ME3 have MP bolted onto it, as it would be at risk of being rampaged through and traded on within a week. God knows what the MP impact had on the development of the SP game.
    Oh sure there'd still be a market for 2nd hand games, but it would be much diminished as the returns would be more marginal, and the money that could be offered for trade-ins would be trivial. How many people buy second hand DVDs?

    Agree about the bolted on MP thing. The problem is if something's got shit MP, it's not going to stop you from trading it in more than it not being there at all.

    There are a lot of variables. Locking all console games is going to affect different people in different ways, and it's very easy to see reasons why people will spend less on gaming.
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